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Finding Forester is an old movie that presented the life of very well-known writer who disappeared after publishing his first book. I find my way through this very inspirational movie how to enjoy writing and start to own special character or style in our writing. Somehow, we need to write everything to make sure that it is written already. To put forward some ideas that come out in the first beginning of the journey of writing, it is going to be so hard. We need to believe that actually we can make the challenging ideas to become exist only by writing it right away. Since the time will not wait for no one, start the writing when it is still on fire will increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the bright idea. This writing is devoted to the very simple of me. My competence to underlie the structure and the main story is very responsible for the style of this writing and also the hyper creativity that comes out in the right time leads the rest of this writing. I do understand for some reasons that I will make many things in the wrong places and/or bring the negative effects by the end of this writing. As the basic thing I have learned so far, the writing and the time will always in the same place to complete each other. By the time passed, we will see the writing becomes the story that allow many ideas come up, whether to criticise, to give a praise or even to ignore it. To be sure, no one will read the ideas of this writing, if I do not write it.